Our Team

Our greatest strength lies in our team, each member a seasoned professional in the themed entertainment business.

Norm Doerges

With over 30 years of experience with the Walt Disney Company, Norm is a uniquely diverse leader with an extraordinary background encompassing operations management, design, engineering, construction, and attraction development. He is probably best known for the instrumental role he played in the planning and development of EPCOT Center, an enormously successful endeavor with the Walt Disney Company.
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Bob McTyre

Bob's notable career includes experience in producing, marketing, and executive management in areas as varied as Broadway, theme parks, resort hotels and historical attractions. A founding partner in Apogee, Bob's unique background in themeing, spectaculars and the theatre make him particularly knowledgeable in developing product that is not only thrilling but marketable and profitable. His areas of expertise include creative development and supervision, programming, project management, all aspects of operating management, marketing, and business affairs.
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Fazil Sutcu

As a child, Fazil Sutcu had always been considered a visionary by his peers. He was the kid in the neighborhood determined to build a “spaceship” tree house for all to enjoy. It is his imagination, progressive ideas and creativity, reinforced by his effortless ability to visually translate his ideas on paper, that naturally led him into the field of architecture.
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Patrick R. Scanlon

Pat has 30 years of hands-on senior management experience planning, designing, producing and project managing the development of attractions for theme parks, visitor centers, water parks, and aquariums. Pat spent 18 years as an executive with Walt Disney Imagineering He is also a general partner and investor in numerous commercial and real estate projects in Colorado and Arizona.
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Jonathan Roth

Jon Roth is an experienced senior executive and attorney. He has acted as Chief Operating Officer, Executive in charge of Project Management, as well as Chief Legal Officer for a number of companies including a film studio, a scenic railway, and a theme park and office park development.
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Dan Rosenblatt

Dan is a versatile Director/Producer with 20+ years of experience in global settings representing diverse entertainment arenas. He is skilled at producing complex projects and events by bringing multiple parties together reaching common goals. Key talent is in problem solving, effectively combining negotiating, budgeting, and project management abilities, as well as motivating team members to excel at delivering quality work.
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Peter Kaanapu

Peter specializes in concept, content, structure, feasibility, strategy, and financing for the real estate, leisure attractions and recreation industry. He is the copyright holder of the Strategic Renewal Process SRP 3 ©, a leading edge business strategic process that leads to impressive gains in revenue, profits, and market share.
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David Burkhart

Dave Burkhart is a seasoned professional in the themed leisure entertainment industry with over 37 years of experience in design development and design execution. He has led design and delivery teams at all levels, from attractions to Full Gate Parks at The Walt Disney Company and at Universal Studios. He is a highly creative designer and problem solver, has an extensive background in creating project teams and implementing design plans, then executing them successfully in the field.
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Ken Busch

Ken’s career spans over twenty years in the theme park industry. He was on the opening tams of Adventure Island (Busch Gardens) and Pleasure Island (Walt Disney World). Ken’s most notable contribution to the Walt Disney Company was his 19 years in the merchandise division, where he established a liquidation strategy for aging merchandise and the creation of a venue which maximized the profits for the division. Prior to that role, Ken operated Disney’s largest gift shop at the time, Disney’s Character Shop, as well as most all of the shops outside of the theme parks and resorts.

Martie Ramm Engle

Until just a few years ago, Martie Ramm Engle made theatrical dancing, singing, acting, choreography and directing her career. Today, she has become one of the most sought after event and entertainment director/producers.
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Rory Holburn

Rory has over 30 years of experience in developing, managing and consulting on visitor attractions around the world. Previously Director of Operations for London, UK’s, leading theme Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Rory originally trained as a classical actor in one of London’s leading drama schools and started his career both performing on stage and in back stage supporting roles. Realizing he was not 6 foot tall, was not about to get the lead in Hamlet, and with no desire to finesse the artistry of “coffee barista”, he developed a career in lighting design and then in devising, directing and producing live entertainment.
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Ron Rodriguez

Ron is Director of Development and Florida representative for Apogee Attractions. He is also Executive Producer for Hard Drive Productions. Previously Ron worked for Disney Parks for 30 years as Director of Casting and Talent.
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