Managing for Success

Satisfied guests are critical to the success of themed visitor attractions.
The key to satisfied guests is good management, something at which Apogee Attractions excels.

Operations / Management

Having been behind the scenes for some of the most popular entertainment ventures of our time such as Disneyland, Walt Disney World, EPCOT and more, the Apogee team members know what is needed to manage enormously popular attractions smoothly and successfully.

And because of our operating expertise, all decisions made from day one were made with the knowledge of what would be needed up ahead for a smooth running operation. That kind of planning will ultimately keep your costs down and enhance your profits.

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We know all the angles of marketing and we can confidently advise you on what it takes to successfully market your venture.

Did you ever consider, for instance, that almost every project will generate the need for an important opening event, awards ceremony, or press event? These popular events will pay enormous dividends for you and your company.

Apogee can not only create a special event for your attraction, we will coordinate with the press, build you a media kit, shoot interviews, handle your VIPs, and overall create a memorable occasion that will give your kick-off the running start it deserves.

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Nothing brings attractions to life like live entertainment. It’s an integral part of making a visitor attraction unforgettable.

Apogee’s background in entertainment is unequalled in the industry. The hallmark of our work has been to thrill audiences, and we offer full creative and production services, from development of ideas through physical production.

From the smallest entertainment to the grandest spectacular, your attraction will benefit from Apogee’s experience with audiences and our attention to detail.

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Future Planning

Your project is going to be around for a long and profitable time. It is important to plan for the future.

Apogee will make sure you have the right infrastructure and land use planning in place so that your future expansion aesthetically fits in with your first phase development, can be executed with minimum disruption to on-going operations, and is cost effective as well.

Plan ahead with Apogee Attractions.

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